I roo the day..

June 28, 2009 · 5 comments

Today’s lunch – reheated roo pizza left over from last night’s dinner. It was my first pizza making experience in my new house, and the dodgy oven turned itself off half way through the first pizza. Luckily there was enough heat in the oven to keep the pizza nicely cooking away, but it was annoying nonetheless, and meant a long wait for pizza number two (which we really didn’t need but managed to eat some of anyway).

The pizza dough was made in my trust breadmaker using Pizza & Focaccia mix from All About Bread. Other alternatives are this Semolina pizza dough or this basic pizza dough. When making mine completely from scratch I like to use half white flour and half wholemeal flour. Making pizza dough from scratch really isn’t that difficult but it is nice to have the breadmaker do it all for me, including finding somewhere nice and warm to let the dough rise (in its belly!).

Letting the pizza stone get nice and hot in the oven, I rolled out enough dough for one nice big pizza and spread the tomato base. I used to make my own tomato sauce for the base, but I’ve been having nice results using Leggo’s Pizza Sauce with Garlic, Onion and Herbs. I’m sure pizza purists would scoff at this, but hey, I’m making pizza with kangaroo so I’m not exactly trying to emulate the traditional Italian masters here.

Toppings on these pizzas were bocconcini slices, chopped green capsicum, sliced button mushrooms, sliced red onion, semi dried tomatoes, chopped green olives (just on my half of the pizza… no rogue olives managed to make their way over to the olive-free zone), grape tomatoes and kangaroo! The kangaroo was sliced up to make sure there weren’t any big chunks that may not have cooked through enough during the pizza cooking time (about 15 minutes) and put on raw.

We were both so impressed with these pizzas, with the roo being perfectly cooked! It was so tender and juicy, and the pizza based crisped up very nicely on the bottom. I think my pizza stone was possibly the best $13 I ever spent, though I really do need to go buy another one so that I don’t need to wait for it to get hot again for pizza number two! I see no point in making only one pizza per pizza session, as the following day is filled with opportunities for pizza eating, particularly when it is a Sunday and you’ve possibly had a few too many champagnes with pizza number one the previous night.


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