Sunday night eggies

August 9, 2009 · 10 comments

Sunday nights, especially Sunday nights in winter, are great for bringing out the lazy cook in us all. Tinned soup, toasted sandwiches, cereal, frozen whatevers are all fair game for dinner on a Sunday without fear of anyone judging your cuisine creativity. One of my favourite knock-up Sunday dinners (or anyday lunches or breakfasts) is an omelette filled with tasty things.

This particular omelette contained roasted red capsicum (pepper), sautéed button mushrooms, ham (lightly fried first to give it some colour and get rid of that ‘wetness’ that sandwich ham tends to have), low-fat ricotta, mixed herbs, pepper and a little shaved parmesan.

I also sauteed some grape tomatoes and asparagus so that they were almost ready, before starting on cooking the omelette.

Although your standard omelette generally uses whole eggs, this one was made using one whole egg and two egg whites so I had a nice amount of egg mix while keeping the calorie content down (somewhat necessary given that lately my Sunday mornings have involved vast quantities of dim sum). I lightly beat the eggs with a fork and add a splash of water to the mix, before putting it into a fairly hot non-stick or greased pan. Using a spatula, I gently move the mix around a little, bringing in the edges to create a thicker layer that doesn’t extend all the way to the edge of the pan. I then add all my fillings (I always go overboard with fillings and tend to have a blowout as my poor eggs can’t hold my greediness) and then once the egg underside is cooked enough to have a decent solidity to it, flip one half over the other (use another slice to help if you need to!).

(If I go super crazy with fillings and the omelette is a big fatty boombah, sometimes I flip it over to let it cook through from the other side a little as well, but this is generally not necessary.)

I then put the tomatoes and asparagus back into the pan, on the side that was now empty, heating them back up while toasting a wholemeal muffin. When everything was almost ready I added some baby spinach to the pan to wilt it, and then slid everything onto my plate! Of course, my filling greediness did in fact lead to a blowout, but I simply used the other side of the omelette as my presentation side, and noone was the wiser. Well, except all of you.

(I have to ask myself… before I started this blog, would I have bothered flipping the omelette over to improve its presentation?)


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