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February 16, 2010 · 19 comments

I want to be a part of it,
Foodie Exchange!

Yes, I was the very happy recipient of another foodie exchange parcel a couple of weeks ago (following the success of my exchanges with Quebec, Arizona and Toronto). In fact, it was waiting for me at the Post Office when I arrived back from Melbourne, so it was a nice little way to keep my holiday (eating) spirit alive.

This fabulous parcel was sent by Andrea of High/Low Food/Drink, a great blog filled with delicious recipes and reviews ranging from the cheap eats to the haute cuisine of New York. Andrea’s carefully selected goodies took me on a tour through Chelsea Market, home of the Food Network USA.

“Look!” I exclaimed excitedly to my somewhat bemused housemate as I opened the package, “It’s a card made out of Noo Yoawark Metro Coards!”

Obviously I am completely unable to type phoenetically, please imagine me saying this in a very convincing New York accent, with cab horns blaring in the background (which reminds me -when I was in New York last year I actually had a firefighter say “How you doin?” to me… I just about died of joy at the clich√©.. if only I were eating a hotdog and getting mugged at the same time!).

Wanting to distract her from the atrocity of my New York accent, I delved further into the box o’ goodies. My excitement grew as each new treat was revealed from the bubblewrap casing, as I found myself the proud and hungry owner of Effie’s Homemade All Natural Oatcakes from lucy’s whey, Pomegranate Organic Hard Candies from Chelsea Market Baskets, a Chocolate Brownie from Fat Witch, White Chocolate Almond Cake from Ronnybrook Milk Bar, and Yogurt Pretzels from The Nut Box.

Goodies goodies yum yum

I have since discovered that I have an addiction to Yogurt Pretzels,  Does anyone in Perth know where I can get my paws on these? Or Yoghurt Pretzels? Even Yogourt Pretzels would suffice.

I actually checked The Nut Box website to see if they delivered to Australia, and their faq said that to find out if they shipped to your country you had to create an account with them, then see if your country is listed in the dropdown menu of available countries on the part of the form that they ask for your shipping address. I did this, only to find that the dropdown menu consisted of one country – the US. Thanks for nothing, faq!

Andrea, the oat cakes were crisp with just the right amount of sweetness, the pomegranate candies delicious, the brownie almost meringue like in it’s soft chewy texture, my housemate loved the white chocolate almond cake (major score for her seeing as I like neither almond extract nor white chocolate!) and the pretzels appear to have been laced with crack. Thanks so much, and congratulations on the success of your first Tim Tam Slam, may there be many more to come.


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