Too cool for school

July 13, 2010 · 44 comments

We now return to your scheduled programming…

As previously mentioned my trip from Santa Fe to Toronto was less than ideal thanks to United Airlines deciding to sell my seat to someone else and then proceeding to send my luggage off to Washington to see the president. The following day however started off promisingly with a cold wet nose wake up call, and news from Mardi that my luggage had been located and was currently arriving in Toronto to be delivered to me some time that day (hopefully with Tim Tams unpillaged).

School Bakery and Cafe

The day continued as well as it began, with a delicious brunch at School Bakery and Cafe, where we were joined by Krys of Rosewood Estates Winery. Well, it was a largely delicious brunch although I made an error in my dish selection which I blame on Mr Neil. I was tossing up between the eggs benny and the egg white shrimp frittata, and he told me to go with the benny but I rebelled and went with the frittata. It was good, and I loved the sweet potatoes on the side, but overall the dish was a little lacking in flavour and I wished that Neil had tried the old reverse psychology on me.

Egg white frittata of shrimp with oven roast tomatoes and spinach with lemon tinted greens ($18)

The others were far more decisive in their breakfast selection, and were all very happy with their choices. I was not surprised. Mardi went with the “overstuffed popover” – yes, OVERstuffed, not just pleasantly stuffed – while Krys and Neil went with the “super cheesy french toast”. I really should have known about my ordering error due to the lack of hyperbole in the description of my dish.

Overstuffed popover with Gruyere, smoked bacon and greens

Super cheesy French toast with smoked bacon and greens ($13)

The restaurant had a pretty cool setup, with the school theme being expressed in the serving of maple syrup in little beakers, various things written up on blackboards, the waitresses dressed in school attire (leaning more towards the Brittney Spears style than my Catholic school getup) and a hopscotch path leading you up to the toilets where you have to identify with either Dick or Jane. I was easily able to figure out that behind Dick’s door I would be faced with unpleasant smells and startled men, unlike some places where the toilet door symbols are some sort of aptitude test, paralysing you with uncertainty about which of the funny pictures or phrases is meant to represent your gender.

Jane's counterpart

After we had all passed the gender assignment test, it was off to The Village Cheesemonger to test my claims of being unable to face another gram of cheese as long as I shall live. I surprised myself by not only tasting a few of the local and international cheeses on offer but also rather enjoying them. I guess they were so far removed (like chalk and cheese) from the grated unidentifiable yellowness that had been filling my arteries in Santa Fe that I was able to mentally separate them (like curds and whey).

The afternoon carried on swimmingly, consisting of going for a walk through Mardi and Neil’s neighbourhood where we found a local bar spruiking the afternoon’s world cup game of “Germany vs. Austria”, then finding ourselves wishing this was actually true as we then watched Germany thrash us. The loss, combined with the drone of vuvuzelas and my continued separation from my suitcase of Tim Tams must have been a bit too much for me because I then had a wee kip, during which time my luggage was finally delivered and Mardi got cooking for our contribution to the latest international incident – noodles!

OK, so perhaps “our” contribution is a bit of a stretch, given that all the assistance I offered was to remain asleep whilst Mardi did all the hard work, though I did manage to emerge in plenty of time to socialise over a few drinks and eat the fruits of her labour.

A top day all round, and the good times continued the next day…


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