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January 12, 2011 · 77 comments

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock, reassess your life and make some goals for the future. For some this comes easily, but others may need a little inspiration so please allow me to send some your way courtesy of the 1970s Australian Women’s Weekly gold that I recently discovered in a friend’s grandmother’s kitchen.

More is more with 70s table centrepieces

Too busy to cook anything decent for dinner? Distract your guests with enormous table centrepieces in a colour scheme that you can easily camouflage into should they get mutinously ravenous.

So Frenchy so chic

Really though, if you have French dressing then you have dinner sorted, no matter the theme! With such an assortment of chicly dressed delights your guests will be lining up for more, and if they’re still hungry I’m sure you could whip up a matching fruit salad for dessert.


Support your local cheese industry with every dinner party you host this year. Nothing finishes off a meal more luxuriously than a course of smooth, bland mozzarella.

A satisfying Swiss delight

A simple way to add intrigue and mystery to otherwise dull dishes is to prefix their names with exotic nationalities. Didn’t make enough sauce for everyone? Sauce things up with your presentation!

Mmmmm, healthy AND healthy!

Trying to lose weight in the new year? Why not kick start your day with a Breakfast Health Drink! It is “one of the most satisfying of all health drinks and is a complete breakfast in itself; good for dieters too”! Best enjoyed at quarter past psychedelic o’clock and in the general vicinity of a toilet.

I’m sure there are many fellow food bloggers who would like to improve their photography in 2011. Adding random assortments of vegetables is an easy and wasteful way to add colour to your photos.

Choosing a garnish can be a heavy responsibility

Take opportunities this year to address mistakes of previous years – feel better about those garage sale snap purchases and Better Homes & Gardens faux copper staining projects of the past by bringing them into your photography.

A useful tip for those planning on making some new friends in the new year – set up artistic “guests” around the dinner table with you to practice your conversation skills and polite dining etiquette.

Even with the best planning, it is inevitable that the new year will bring challenges into our lives. When faced with a problem, remember that many others before you have probably faced the same thing and you don’t need to try and reinvent the wheel. For instance, witches bearing cakes can easily be sorted with a quick shove in the oven and a turn of the gas knob.

I'd be looking that smug too if I had that outfit

A smartly dressed appearance will always hold you in good stead. Make purchasing some good classic wardrobe items a priority in 2011 – a red velvet suit will fit in seamlessly between a formal office environment and casual after work drinks, and a smug expression will complement any outfit.

Ah-h! That's smug.

Cheers, and a happy new year to you all :)


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