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International Sundae Incident – Snagga Split

February 20, 2011 · 82 comments

Did you know there’s a area in  Sillim-Dong, South Korea, where there are so many eateries dedicated to serving sundaes that it is called Sundae Town? This conjures up glorious images of a Pleasure Island/Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory hybrid where ice cream bowsers litter the streets, chocolate streams flow past cherry trees and you always keep your lucky spoon in your pocket.

The Pleasure Island imagery is in fact not too far off the mark, if you skip ahead to after the greedy boys have turned into donkeys, but instead of turning into donkeys they have actually turned into pigs, and had their intestines removed and stuffed with noodles and blood and bean sprouts then steamed and served up for dinner. I hope no children are reading this.

International Incident Sundae Party

Such talk can only mean one thing – it’s time for the next International Incident Party, and this month it’s all about sundaes! Fighting against my natural tendency to dessertify things, I was intrigued to discover the savoury intestine dish that Koreans call a sundae. My natural tendency to run and hide when faced with offal is however still as strong as an ox (stomach) despite my recent tripe ingestion with Incident Party host Penny, and I just couldn’t bring myself to get intestinal in the kitchen.

Well, not so obviously intestinal anyway. To continue the Saturday morning cartoon theme from my last post and make up for being AWOL from last month’s International Incident Hotdog Party I thought I’d try makin’ up a mess of fun (lots of fun for everyone!) with a Banana Split. A meaty banana split. Minus the banana.

Chunky chocolate sauce, with extra chunks

A crocodile and lemon myrtle sausage stood in lieu of the banana; mashed potato, mashed sweet potato and mashed potato with gravy stepped up to cover the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream vacancies respectively; and the chocolate topping was a little more indigestion-inducing than normal, consisting of caramelised brown onion.

Bacon: making everything better

Some crushed nuts are always welcome on any banana split, so toasted pine nuts were certainly in order to take up the nutty slack. They refused to come along without their good friend bacon, and who was I to argue? To make the bacon bits I slow roasted slices of bacon, effectively making bacon jerky, then crumbled it into small pieces. I think I will be making bacon jerky again.

Eet's only waffer theen!

A wafer fan and wafer sticks were replaced by a corn chip Salzstangerl pretezel stick that I’m sure even Mr Creosote could poke in, and I couldn’t help but finish it all off with a cherry on top.

Sundae, bloody sundae

As always, big meaty thanks to Penny for hosting the party, and happy birthday to any fellow February babies joining in this month’s festivities!

Now, time to make like a banana and split to go check out everyone else’s creations…


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