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Whilst trying to tidy up my computer desktop today I came across a Word document in which I’d kept some bullet points to remember things to write about in my blog posts about my Bali trip.. in July of last year.

Although I did get around to discussing the joys of the many breakfast buffet sessions my sister and I enjoyed whilst there (looking at what I was putting away for breakfast each day may give you some insight into why I thought I might possibly put up a decent fight in the Pho Eating Competition) I never got around to bragging about the rest of the eating, drinking and general merriment that the trip entailed.

Now before you start discretely eyeing off the location of the exits, I won’t be dragging you through a family-slide-night-esque display of our holiday happy snaps, but just a few of the more interesting photos and experiences of what was essentially a holiday of relaxation.

Meeting our respective cravings - nasi goreng and nasi campur

Our first location was at the Conrad Hilton in Nusa Dua, where my friend J was getting married the following day. Upon arrival we were quite hungry and given the late hour we decided to wander into one of the hotel restaurants despite the eyewateringly exorbitant prices. In the lead up to our trip my sister had been dreaming of the nasi goreng she would soon be enjoying, whilst I had similar nasi campur dreams, so it’s no surprise what we ordered (for 135 and 160 thou respectively!!!).

The means were much easier to swallow than our horror at the prices,  and my sister’s prawn was particularly tasty, probably due to the spices it had been cooked it. The bright yellow spices.

The following day she noticed that her thumb was a nasty yellow colour, and we were at a loss as to how it had attained this hue. Quite sure she hadn’t taken up smoking in her sleep, we finally realised it must have been due to getting stuck into the spicy prawn the night before. This then lead to the creation of a song that would pop into my head at odd moments for the rest of the trip…


She’s the girl, the girl with the prawny thumb.

Infinity living up to its name, the bedazzled wedding band, wedding fireworks and the Infinity Chapel.

The big wedding was held in the Infinity Chapel on the hotel grounds, and after our late night nasi numnums we thought we’d best investigate where exactly this was located so that we wouldn’t be late to the ceremony the next day. We were doing fine until we came across the apparent infinity loop in the sign above.

Luckily we managed to somehow break free of it and find the chapel, and the ceremony and reception were quite spectacular. J made a stunning bride, her daughter (my god daughter) was the cutest flower girl ever, and the food and cocktails flowed freely. I was the victim of an impressive hip & shoulder by a friend in her successful quest for the bride’s bouquet, so I guess I won’t be seeing my own personal wedding fireworks any time soon.

Monster watching and high tea at the Hilton

My sister and I decided to treat ourselves to high tea in the hotel the following afternoon. It was nice to relax overlooking the ocean but the food was quite disappointing, consisting mainly of overly sweet generic items and nowhere near enough savoury options to counteract the sugar overload. As our poor hearts struggled against the sugar spike they took another shock when we spotted Nessie out in the ocean! After a few moments of curious squinting we finally realised that Nessie was in fact a man wading through the water dragging something along behind him.

Mr Monkey and Baby Banana

We couldn’t leave the Conrad without capturing our little hotel room friend, Mr Monkey, with a frisbee sized twenty cent piece for comparison. The tiny local bananas were even too big for his furry little hands.

We left the Conrad a couple of days after the wedding and headed north to Legian where we stayed at the Padma Resort. The accommodation experience was a bit of a shamozzle – we were booked in to a Garden Club Chalet in a quiet part of the resort, with Garden Club Lounge benefits of having free snacks all day, free ice cream in the afternoons, and free cocktails and finger foods in the evenings. When we checked in we were told they have overbooked the chalet rooms but we were very lucky that we would be able to stay in the brand new part of the hotel! The brand new part that consisted of regular hotel rooms, involved having to walk through hordes of leering tradies to get there and were located as far away from the Garden Club Lounge as they could possibly be.

A wedge of wasabi is good for what ails you! Some of the free snacks in the Garden Club Lounge.

We put up with this for a few days, but then after being kept awake all night long by abusive bogans next door we kicked up a stink and managed to score a chalet room that was being vacated that day, and thus get within a shorter walking distance to the free food and drinks of the Garden Club Lounge and its giant wasabi wedges of death.

An added bonus of our new room was that the room next door was occupied by a decidedly unbogan couple, and the gentleman was the spitting image of a more portly Inspector Frost! I was tempted to ask him to investigate the mysterious case of the hotel neighbour who kept flushing their toilet when I was in the shower.

Free cocktails! Free cakes! Happy Birthday!

It was my sister’s birthday while we stayed at the Padma, and I was very happy that the birthday cake I had organised to have delivered turned out to be a black forest cake, even though the cream frosting was alarmingly white. I was also very happy that we could enjoy free frozen margaritas to celebrate her day of birth before heading off for some non-bankrupting nasi goreng and campur.

Ice cream and mangosteen. Perfect.

I was also finally able to get my mangosteen fix at the Padma after being thwarted at every turn at the Hilton. My sister was unfamiliar with the joys of the mangosteen but after seeing how disappointed I was after spotting some on the plate of a fellow guest at the Hilton and then being unable to find any more in the fruit tray she knew of my mangosteen mission and was ready with a high five when we discovered an entire plate full of the tropical beauties in the lounge one afternoon. A brief lesson in how to bust into their innards, and another mangosteen fan was born.

Tourists getting their fill of bread products to fuel their next poolside lounging session.

We needed some sustenance during a shopping expedition down in Kuta one day, and joined the throng of thong wearers (flip flops, if you will.. I know not of their underwear preferences) at Bread Talk for some interesting carbs. My favourite sign was for Meat the Cheese – “Muaaaaahhh… Kiss the Cheese, Kiss the Meat, Now Taste it…. Trust me, U will LOVE it…” and An Pan Man looked too jolly to eat.

I see you...

Sometimes when you’re making the most of your holiday and overeating spicy local food you find yourself craving something more plain to give your tummy a break. All the better if you first give your tummy a swim in the pool and a lie down on a sun chair. Just watch out for any enterprising little squirrels.

Sadly I don’t have a photo to share of the hero that I’d often have to share the gym with in the morning (yes, I’m one of those weirdos who exercises while on holiday… it allows me to fit in that last sixth course of breakfast each day) who would do about 2 bicep curls with a ridiculously heavy dumbbell, strut around for a few minutes, then repeat this process for as long as he had an audience. My favourite hero moment was when he decided he’d done enough reps to warrant a weigh-in and took his shirt off to do so.

From Prawnfinger to The Biggest Loser, with a touch of Frost thrown in for good measure, ’twas an entertaining holiday.


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