My love of cooking is surpassed only by my love of eating, though I never quite recovered from the beef I was served at college. I’ll try almost anything once, but it takes a very special piece of offal or beef to get me to try it again.

I’ve worn a few hats in my twenty something years, starting with a fetching McDonald’s cap in high school, to the beer hat of a medical student, then the faux-silk scarf of a bank teller, hard hat of an engineer, the sun hat of a PhD student who hangs out with plankton, and now (finally) no hat at all as it would look a bit odd in the office (though I am also rediscovering how ridiculous I look in a hard hat when I get to go on site).

I’m currently living in Perth, Western Australia, but itching to add more stamps to my passport, half-arsed learnt languages to my brain and tastes to my palate.

I love receiving comments on my posts but you can also contact me at conor(at)holdthebeef(dot)com


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